Security is in everything we do.

Our expertise within the security space doesn't stop at installing firewalls. We ensure that we are up on the latest in security techniques, from advanced malware protection to DNS-based solutions.

Here are just a few examples of our expertise within the Data Center. We specifically chose these case studies as a representation of our ability to take on a project of any size, at any stage, and take it to complete customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Identity Services Engine

Originally we were brought in to help with upgrading ISE nodes, but ultimately ended up re-doing wireless policies and building wired policies. Deployment scaled across multiple locations and encompassed thousands of endpoints.

Enhanced Guest Wireless

Our client desired to offer secure guest wireless services. We designed and implemented a solution utilizing a guest anchor controller in the DMZ, and securely tunneled guest user traffic to the DMZ. Cisco's Identity Services Engine was used to ensure the guest device was correctly identified, and verified the patch and Antivirus levels.


Firewall Replacement

As part of an overall network refresh, the client desired to replace their firewalls with a different platform. VTS performed an assessment of their existing environment, evaluating the configuration from a network and security perspective, and architected a highly available solution using Cisco ASA's with Firepower IPS, with centralized management included.


Data Center Security

During the deployment for a large scale data center, the client identified the need to integrate security into the solution. We designed the data center to incorporate ASA firewalls with Firepower services into the architecture and configured the firewalls in both routed and transparent mode. This flexible design allowed us to accommodate multiple types of network domains, including L2-extended networks.