Our service delivery team provides expert field engineers and technicians to deliver your solutions according to plan.

While there are far too many products and technologies to list them all, a representative subset of solutions within our customer base is provided below.

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Enterprise Campus


Branch Office


Quality of Service

Large campus refreshes


Wireless Intrusion Prevention


Voice over wireless

Unified wireless solutions

Secure Guest wireless and Internet services

Context-Aware location services (RTLS)

Outdoor and Mesh deployments

RF Analysis, site survey

Data Center

Next Generation Networking

Software Defined Networking

Unified Compute System

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Storage and Backup

Hyperconverged solutions

Virtual Application Containers

Cloud Infrastructure platforms

Converged Infrastructure

Load Balancing and Security


Next Generation Firewall (Firepower)

Application Aware Firewalling

Policy Development and analysis

Firewall Deployments and review of existing rule set

Data Center security solutions

Network Compliance and Management

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

Data Loss Prevention

Regulatory Compliance

Virtual Private Networks

Email and Web Security



Borderless Networks

Bring Your Own Device

Mobile Device Management

Cable Plant

Fiber, Copper, Copper Wire, Coax, Data and Wireless Drops

Conduits, Cable Tray, Cable Racks, Innerduct, Ladder Racks and Entrance Facilities

Build out Telecommunications Rooms

IDS Systems, Conduit Systems

Documentation and Planning

Maintenance and Repair Services