As your technology staffing solutions partner, we bring years of delivery experience and a culture of accountability and results to every client we serve.  We work hard to understand your business goals and technology resource challenges and then engage as a seamless extension of your team to help you better plan your technology staffing requirements, recruit hard-to-find IT talent, mirror critical on and off-boarding procedures and compliance policies and ensure the completion and success of each consultant assignment.

Technology moves incredibly quickly in the modern era, and the responsibilities and expertise required for information systems and technology jobs change just as quickly. If your business is going to succeed, you need a technology staffing company that can keep up with those changes.

Today you may need an expert in cloud computing, and tomorrow you may need someone who understands the bleeding-edge advancements in cyber security. You may also find yourself expanding and needing to fill a wide range of computer information technology jobs. Whenever you have information technology support jobs to fill, you want to know you’re going to be able to fill them fast, and with the right person for the job.

We help our clients deploy functional and technical IT professionals with expertise in Business Systems Analysis, Data Analytics, Data Science, Cloud, Application Development, Project and Program Management, Quality Assurance and Testing, Systems Integration, Cyber Security, Emerging Technologies, Business Continuity and Risk Mitigation. Of course we also provide cutting-edge expertise in Enterprise Software Engineering and Infrastructure Engineering and Support.

VTS Group, LLC offers our clients the flexibility of three technology staffing options (Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire) and are designed to fit the changing and expanding needs of technology-based companies:

  • Contract Staffing – When you are first setting up your technology-based company, or when you have a new project or need to upgrade your applications, you may suddenly be in need of a quick infusion of short-term IT talent. When you do, VTS Group, LLC can be there — with IT specialists familiar with exactly the type of project parameters you are facing, who are prepared to come in, do the job and move on.

  • Contract-To-Hire – Today’s contract employee could be tomorrow’s tech superstar. If you’re looking for an IT professional you can count on to do the job now and rely on if you need them to stick around long term, we’ve got your person.

  • Direct Hire – If you’re looking for full-time IT, you want the best now, so you won’t have to go looking again in two months. With our advanced technology and expertise in finding superior quality IT professionals, we are your best bet to find exactly that person. Whether you are looking for someone to manage your system architecture, a software development whiz, a vigilant cyber security expert, a head IT project manager or any other full-time slot, we’re confident we can work with your internal recruiting team to find the ideal professional to fill it.


Our technology staffing solutions are tailored to meet your unique technical and operational needs and performance expectations for quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness.